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What type of Circuit Boards do we purchase?

You can send us the following circuit board scrap to be refined and recycled:

Do you buy complete equipment?

We can either purchase complete devices or already processed circuit boards. Equipment can be faulty, damaged or end of life with no resale value.

Can Printed Circuit Boards be Reused?

Removing parts off PCBs and recycling the components for use again as functional parts is not practical or economical. The parts are easy to damage and they would need to be retested to ensure they still worked. Such parts would be of poor quality and the labour costs of recycling would be huge compared with bulk produced new parts.

What metals are typically contained in Printed Circuit Boards?

Gold, silver and palladium are the three precious metals contained in most printed circuit boards. Occasionally some platinum may be present in old medical device boards or military boards, but this is not common. Other metals contained include copper, aluminium and zinc. Usually the greatest value in circuit boards comes from the gold that they contain, which is often located at the edges of the board where wires and connectors attach.

What are precious metals?

These are metals that do not form oxides or do not do so easily. They do not form chemical compounds with oxygen and other gases and therefore do not rust.

They include: ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, silver, osmium, iridium, platinum and gold.

What are non-ferrous metals?

Non-ferrous means that there is no appreciable amount of iron present.

All metals and alloys that do not contain iron can be described as non-ferrous.