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"Anyone who produces, imports, keeps, stores, transports, treats or disposes of waste must take all reasonable steps to ensure that waste is managed properly."

WEEE Compliant IT Recycling with Zero to Landfill

We are ISO 9001 & 14001 accredited to ensure that we meet your expectations when processing your IT Disposal, WEEE Recycling and Data Destruction requirements.

Managing your IT / WEEE Asset Disposal & Recycling

We understand that many organisations are busy concentrating on their daily operations. We have therefore created a simple straight forward process to meet your disposal requirements that will ensure minimal disruption to your operations.

We will schedule a collection to pick up your redundant IT equipment & WEEE waste at a time that is convenient for you. Secure dedicated collections using our own staff and Tracked vehicles. Equipment can be removed from a central location, branch offices, satellite sites, warehouse and data centres.

Required by Law our Waste Transfer Note will be generated at the point of collection.

Every asset which arrives at our secure facility is checked in and detailed information of each asset is recorded, including serial numbers and asset tags

All data bearing media is subject to data wiping or shredding if required. All our services are available either at your premises or at our secure facility. 

Items are tested for operability and also graded. Any defects are recorded against the item and added to the audit report. This detailed information helps to determine the market value of an item, which in turn determines the most optimal method of e-waste recycling. 

Reports are generated which provide a complete audit trail of the assets disposed, including the serial numbers of each individual item including hard drive or other media. Recycling reports are also generated which confirm that during the e-waste recycling process, no disposed items have been sent to landfill. 

We first ensure that all client-identifiable labels or asset tags are removed to ensure there is no way to link an asset back to the client. Assets which have value in the secondary market are refurbished and remarketed.

Every item we process is either re-used, refurbished or recycled, ensuring that absolutely nothing ends up as landfill.


If you Require Further Help just Call iNet Group now on 0208 004 5522 or fill in our Online Enquiry Form and we will help you choose the right IT Recycling solution for your requirements.