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"Zero to landfill and money back"

As technology constantly updates; companies are faced with an ever increasing surplus of redundant equipment that no longer has a use or resale value. At iNet Group we offer a recycling service for your end of life networking equipment.

Where equipment has no further market value, or cannot be reused or returned to service, iNet Group provides a recycling service and works with our customers to reduce their carbon footprint through strategic recycling and disposal of e-waste.

We can either purchase complete devices or already processed circuitboards. Equipment can be faulty, damaged or end of life with no resale value

For the best return we offer a service by which we process your equipment, grade and sort the parts and then pay you based on the results

A Waste Transfer Note as well as a detailed settlement is provided for every lot of equipment received for processing.

We ensure that 100% is recycled by safely removing and disposing of any hazardous materials, separating the recycling metallic materials including steel, copper and aluminium before we begin the process of precious metal recovery. 

Benefits of our Recycling Process:

iNet Group is committed to responsible recycling by ensuring that absolutely nothing ends up in landfills and we never export waste to developing countries. By responsibly recycling electronic waste and other copper and precious bearing metals we aim to have a positive impact on the environment.